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MAST CUTTING LIFT  (hydraulic drive)

  Multifunctional logging hoist-station for work in oil and gas wells.

   The lift consists of a laboratory compartment and an open platform with

a telescopic mast installed on a MAN, IVECO, MERSEDES, DAF vehicle. 

  This logging elevator allows you to conduct geophysical surveys of wells as in a standard mode.

(cable release from the winch horizontally) and using a telescopic mast (cable release from the winch vertically). 

It is possible to connect connectors for a trailer and install a tow bar.    



   The winch consists of a welded frame, a drum, a transmission, a brake system and a cable laying measuring head.


   The hydraulic drive provides:

- smooth running

- wide range of speeds

- low speed karatozh methods

- hydraulic dynamic braking

   implemented in two versions:

- hydromechanical through the chain

- hydraulic built into the drum


     The braking system provides:

- smooth braking when descending

- reliable holding at stops

consists of band and hydraulic brakes.


        The cable-laying machine implements automatic forced laying of the cable on the drum with the possibility of manual adjustment from the operator's control panel.


        Quick replacement of both the entire winch and individual drums is provided.


Open platform


    The platform contains:

- telescopic mast with cargo winch 

  and control system

- winch

- cassettes with pneumatic locks for

  downhole tools

- containers for radioactive sources

- reels for electrical cables

- lubricator platform



Raising the top of the mast to a height of max, (from ground level) 16,000 mm


Lifting capacity of the mast,

no more than 5000 kg,  (line tension)


Overhang distance (from the wellhead to the nearest point of the winch platform):


- straight support 1500 mm

- inclined support 2500 mm

Operator compartment

- dust and moisture resistant

- noise and heat insulated

- equipped with life support systems  

   (air conditioner, heater, ventilation)

- flexible layout of the internal volume

Control and measurement system

  A special stacker head is used,

located at the base of the mast.


   Visualization and recording of values:

- by depth, speed and line tension

- differential line tension

- parameters of the power plant 

- parameters and diagnostics of the hydraulic system


   Automatic modes implemented:

- maintaining the set speed and tension

  - emergency stop when reaching the limit parameters (tension, differential tension)

- shutdown when reaching the wellhead

- programmable descent by setting the intervals of depths and speeds

  - logging of tripping operations (black box)

   Installation of blowout equipment control system is possible.






Cable diameter: 6 to 12 mm


Wire diameter: 2 to 4 mm


Drum capacity: up to 5000 m


Winch types:     

- single drum, single section

- single-drum, two-section

- double-drum


The maximum pulling force on the first two rows of winding is not less than 60 kN


Standard range of line speeds      40 - 8000 m / h


Extended range of line speeds     20 - 8000 m / h


Operating temperature range from -40 ° C to + 40 ° C


Dimensions (with chassis) no more:

- length 12,000 mm

- width 2500 mm

- height up to 4000 mm


Weight (with chassis): no more than 23  000 kg

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