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Multifunctional logging hoist-station for work in oil and gas wells under pressure.

The lift is made in the format of a standard (ISO) 20-foot container, or a reinforced frame body or isothermal composite sandwich panels. 

The hoist has specialized cassettes for transportation of wellhead equipment and a remote control system for the blowout preventer and upper sealing gland. 

  It is possible to connect connectors for a trailer and install a tow bar.

  Additionally, a rear bumper is fitted with an integrated lubricator platform.

  The lift can be operated from the COM of the transfer case of the chassis, or with an autonomous power module (Power Pack).


The winch consists of a welded frame, a drum, a transmission, a brake system and a cable laying measuring head.


   The hydraulic drive provides:

- smooth running

- wide range of speeds

- low speed karatozh methods

- hydraulic dynamic braking


The drive is realized in two versions:

- hydromechanical through the chain

- hydraulic built into the drum


     The braking system provides:

- smooth braking when descending

- reliable holding at stops

consists of band and hydraulic brakes.


        The cable-laying machine implements automatic forced laying of the cable on the drum with the possibility of manual adjustment from the operator's control panel.


        The transmission of the winch is chain, provided for a quick change of drums.

Winch compartment
    The winch compartment accommodates: a winch, cassettes with pneumatic locks for instruments, containers for transporting radioactive sources,
reels for electric cables, floodlights for external lighting, block balance rollers and other auxiliary equipment.
   The inside of the compartment is painted with paint resistant to aggressive environments, the floor is covered with anti-slip material and is equipped with a drain pan.
   A hatch is built into the roof of the compartment to provide a view of the working area, as well as to replace the winch or drum. All hydraulic and electrical connections are quick-release. In the side walls, there are technological hatches for servicing the hydraulic drive of the winch.
Operator compartment
- dust and moisture resistant
- noise and heat insulated
- equipped with life support systems 
  (air conditioner, heater, ventilation)
- flexible interior layout

Wellhead control system

Designed to control single / dual wire rope BOP and stuffing box head.


System composition:

- Hydraulic pump with pneumatic drive

- preventer control panel

- tank with a capacity of 50 liters. for  hydraulic fluid

- hydroaccumulator (2x20l.)

- hand pump

- winding coils under  RVD

Control and measurement system

Applicable measuring heads:

- WireHead for lines up to 12 mm in diameter

- SlickHeаd for lines up to 6 mm in diameter


   Visualization and recording of values:

- by depth, speed and line tension

- differential line tension

- parameters of the power plant 

- parameters and diagnostics of the hydraulic system


   Automatic modes implemented:

- maintaining the set speed and tension

  - emergency stop when reaching the limit parameters (tension, differential tension)

- shutdown when reaching the wellhead

- programmable descent by setting the intervals of depths and speeds

  - logging of tripping operations (black box)


Design features

- diesel generator: up to 12 kW

- hydro generator: up to 18 kW

- additional cassette holders for 

  downhole equipment





Cable diameter: 6 to 12 mm

Wire diameter: 1.8 to 4 mm

Drum capacity: up to 7000 m

Winch types:     

- single drum, single section

- single-drum, two-section

- double-drum


The maximum pulling force on the first two rows of winding is not less than 60 kN


Standard range of line speeds      40 - 8000 m / h


Extended range of line speeds     20 - 8000 m / h


Operating temperature range from -40 ° C to + 40 ° C


Dimensions (with chassis) no more:

- length up to 10,000 mm

- width up to 2500 mm

- height up to 4000 mm


Weight (with chassis): no more than 18  000 kg

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