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    The product is a monoblock field laboratory designed for logging technological operations. The laboratory container consists of a long operator's cabin and internal equipment. Modifications of the laboratories provide for the placement of equipment and apparatus for recording, monitoring, research and management systems for hydraulic fracturing, as well as life support systems for the work of maintenance personnel. These laboratories allow for the transportation of perforators and shaped charges to the destination, as well as for the joint delivery of explosives and initiation means to the blasting sites and their short-term storage at the work sites. Execution options: - Perforating station laboratory (LPS) - Vehicle - laboratory (AL) - Hydraulic fracturing control station (HF) - Well cementing control station.



Power supply of electrical circuits:                                      

- kind of current       variable

- voltage, V 220-33 + 22

- frequency Hz     50 + 1

- power consumption, kW, no more  12

Grounding cable length, m, not less  50

Power cable length for connection to the well power supply system, m, not less than 50

The highest speed of movement of the laboratory, km / h 60

Overall dimensions on public roads, mm, no more:

- width 2550

- height up to 4000

- length up to 10500

Operator compartment

- dust and moisture resistant

- noise and heat insulated

- equipped with life support systems  

   (air conditioner, heater, ventilation)

- flexible interior layout

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